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If we had to describe Davila Homes in just a few words, it would be “where luxury meets quality and craftsmanship”. We are a team of experienced luxury home builders, dedicated to exceeding the expectations of clients throughout Central Florida – including homeowners, developers, and investors.


Constructing a luxury home is complex and costly process that demands a variety of talents and skills.  That’s why we place an emphasis on managing our projects holistically for our clients. Our team of expert architects, interior designers, landscape architects, lighting consultants, experienced construction managers, and real estate and mortgage brokers work together to deliver amazing results for our clients.

Our team will guide you through the entire building process, from design to construction, ensuring that every detail is executed with excellence.


About TJ Davila

A Sao Paulo native, TJ (Thiago) Davila brings even more sunshine to Florida. For over 14 years, TJ has been serving his communities of Greater Orlando such as Independence, Downtown Orlando, and most recently Bella Collina. TJ is constantly imagining and innovating — he knows how dream homes are designed, developed, and built. He also understands the importance of housing integrity and always ensures that his clients select homes that are not only structurally sound but also unique and impressive.

TJ’s talents as a designer set him apart. A lifelong obsessive, he always has been fascinated by the design and construction process for residential homes. He began his career as an aluminum contractor and grew into roles in business development, sales, and (of course) design. Today, his ideas fall in line with the latest trends in homebuilding: modern layouts, functionality and comfort, and luxurious finishes all can be had for a fraction of top dollar. 


There is no challenge that TJ cannot face head-on. His clients enjoy working with an incredibly hard-working, creative-minded, and dedicated agent, and they’re unsurprised when TJ delivers on the promise of his talents. He is used to working under unique circumstances, paying close attention to details of new housing trends and understanding that certain projects need special attention. TJ loves to help his clients find homes that value structural integrity, saving them money in the process. He can truly do it all.

TJ has built a team of dedicated construction professionals who ensure every project is completed with the best quality, customer service, and outcome. His primary concern is that the homeowner, developers, and investors finish their project in stride, looking forward to their next project with Davila Homes.

When he’s not helping clients find their dream home in sunny Orlando, TJ can be found spending time with his beautiful wife and two children, which he says are his proudest achievements.

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